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I cannot express in writing how insanely accurate you were! You were the most spot on  Psychic  reader I  have been to and I have been seeing them since I was 18. You managed to pick up on my spirit animal (my cat-dog) and describe him in detail which nobody else has managed to do .  You also connected with my great  grandmother and you were so accurate about her.  Every single thing you said was accurate and 100 % spot on , you gave me a lot of hope for my future and I would love to have another reading again . You are very  gifted  and Thank you SO MUCH !! . 


Love Emanuela and her 'CAT -DOG' 

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My experience with Anita was absolutely amazing. I felt that all the events/information that was relayed through Anita was so accurate and resonated with me. I'd highly recommend a reading with Anita. She has a very special gift.


Thank you Anita.


Brigette x